Saturday, November 10, 2007

Ladies Day

Has anyone heard of the Female Friendly Societies? They were formed during the Napeolonic Wars to provide help and support for the widows and orphans of the soldiers killed in the wars. Most of the societies were disbanded many years ago but Neston Female Friendly Society still exists and indeed is believed to be the only one in the country. The Ladies Day parade is held on the first Thursday in June and is a big event in the local calendar when the girls and ladies of Neston parade through the village. An open air service is held round the village cross, followed by a service in the local parish church. It is a lovely tradition and long may it continue, especially as the society still provides help and support for the local women.

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Gledwood said...

This reminds me vaguely of numerous formal/traditional occasions of my past all swirled up walnut-whiplike into one... e.g. going to church, going to weddings... plus Country Dancing!!!