Saturday, November 24, 2007


For those of you who are not familiar with Llangollen, it is a little town in North Wales.In Welsh,the prefix Llan denotes a town or village with a church and Llangollen would be pronounced Tlangothlen.The easy way to pronounce Tlan is to put your tongue behind your top teeth,ok, maybe not so easy. I've been to Llangollen on a number of occasions and we have also had some very happy camping holidays there.I remember the first time we camped there,on the first morning, I came out of the tent and there, the Vale of Llangollen lay before me in all it's glory.I was transfixed by it's beauty. I took these photos on a day out
with my WI. I hope they show something of the beauty of Llangollen

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Lilli & Nevada said...

Hey i like the photo slide the photos are great