Thursday, January 3, 2008

The Aquarium

A while ago, my husband decided he would like an aquarium. Of course, the fact that our daughter already had one had absolutely nothing to do with his decision.So, off we trotted to Waterworld,looked at various tanks,discussed whether to go for cold water fish or tropical,decided on tropical as we were told they are easier to look after.Then came the process of setting the aquarium up and preparing it for the fish,cycling it, as it is called. Then came the day when the decision was made. The tank was ready! Back we went to Waterworld and bought some neon tetras and some platys.Later, we added some catfish and 2 swordtails,who unfortunately died.We also lost one of the tetras but we have been told that most people will lose some fish.When the family were here for Christmas,we took the girls along and they helped us to choose some guppys, dannios and some more catfish.We also bought 2 black mollys.Unfortunately,we later noticed that one of the guppys had disappeared and George(that's hubby, by the way) reckoned that one of the mollys seemed to have suddenly put on weight! So,the aquarium now takes pride of place in our living room and I have to admit that it is very pleasant,having my morning coffee and watching the little fishies swimming round.


dot said...

Angie, how pretty your aquarium is! I hope you enjoy watching your fish. I have thought about getting one but decided it was too much trouble. I'll just stick with watching the fish on my screen saver.

Sandy Carlson said...

Angie, I love the sky shot, and your aquarium is gorgeous. What a life for those fish!

Sharon said...

Beautiful sky! We had an aquarium once upon a time. I could sit and watch it for hours.

Ida said...

Nice sunset and a colourful aquarium.
Beautiful. :)

Wishing you a great weekend and a happy new year!

Sharon said...

I love sunsets like this, so full of color! Your aquarium is wonderful.

Misty Dawn said...

That's a beautiful sunset, and I absolutely love the aquarium! I used to have an aquarium full of fancy tailed guppies and I loved the different colors - so beautiful!

Andrea said...

Nice aquarium. And love the sunset too.

alexander said...

Beautiful photo of the sunset!

Alex's World! -

Gledwood said...

Surely they did NOT eat their fellow fishies... surely not!!

I love the plants... are they all real? That's an impressive plantation there

hey get a dwarf frog (NOT a clawed one - they get HUGE)

dwarf African frogs are really funny

Gledwood said...

Angie! Here's my answer I left at mine, re: your fish!!

Ah I see! FAke aquarium plants!! i was WONDERING how you got your tank so flourishing looking!

Re the frog: what I did was get a pane of glass made up from the glasscutting shop that fitted the top of the tank exactly but was about 2 inches too short. Another 2 inch long piece was made; this one with holes for all the tubes for filters etc... it meant I could leave the one with the holes down and take the main pane off adn the frog couldn't escape. I NEVER saw him try... and didn't have plants that stretched along the top of the water... I think that is how they get out. By managing to sit up on lillypads/etc. They DO NOT NEED EVER to leave the water (they really don't) so live under, to all intents and purposes like a fish except coming up every half hour or so for air... really entertaining... about £2 each or so... well worth getting one or two seriously they're SO entertaining and add such variety to a tank... also apple snails (giant aquatic snails) make a fine addition to a tank seriously they LOVE sliding down the plant leaves sucking off algae (even artificial plants I should think as it's the algae they're after...)

Cardinal tetras are GORGEOUS too... just like neons but more bright and pretty