Tuesday, April 8, 2008

A doggy family

Skippy, Paul's dog.
In some photos,Skippy can look a bit fierce but she is
the sweetest, gentlest little dog you could wish to meet.
Chase, Sue and Andy's dog.
Chase playing in our garden at Christmas.
We have become a doggy family! I had my own dog who I called Rinty when I was growing up. He was a cross between a collie and a German Shepherd and he was absolutely beautiful.However, when I met George, he wasn't at all keen on dogs, had no time for them in fact. Then about 4 years ago, our son Paul told us he was getting a puppy.Skippy is a cross between a Staffordshire bull terrier and a boxer and she is gorgeous! Well, I wish you could see George with her, so much for the man who didn't like dogs! Now, there is another doggy addition to our family in the form of Chase, the beautiful whippet who about 6 months ago became a member of my daughter's family. We don't see as much of Chase as we do Skippy as he lives in Scotland but we are all going on holiday in July, dogs and all so that should be fun! Having Skippy and Chase in our family has reminded me just how much love and affection a dog gives and how loyal they are. Skippy and Chase are definitely part of our family now and I wouldn't have it any other way.And as for the man who didn't like dogs, I really don't know what happened to him!


Nessa said...

Fun doggies. Beautiful sunset.

Sonia said...

Love seeing your dogs! They all looks great!

Carlos said...

Um beijo Angie

***Fotografia e Luz*** said...

The dog is very beautiful, and thanks for visit

Quiet Paths said...

This is a very handsome pooch! And, what fun he is having. Great pictures.

mrsnesbitt said...

Dogs eh...................Where do i begin!
Well Wilma is sleeping at my feet right now....Bless!

napaboaniya said...

They're lovely. I love dogs too, I grew up with dogs always around me. Currently I've got a Shihtzu my 4th dog since I was born. But unlike normal dogs, she doesn't play at all. She's extremely tame and shy.
I miss playing fetch with dogs!!

The Texican said...

Hi Angie and family. Greetings from the Colonies.:) Glad you could come by for a visit. Always glad to have new folks stop by. I enjoy returning the visit for a brief glimpse of life in your part of the world. Come back anytime.

Jules said...

I'm in love with your "puppy". She is too cute!

I know you post on skywatch, but have you ever posted on Camera Critters Sunday? It's fairly new (about 3 weeks now) but your "puppy" would fit right in there.