Friday, May 9, 2008

Friday Market at Neston

For many years, there has been a traditional open-air market held in Neston.Stall-holders come from far and wide(well,North Wales) and Nestonians gather to stroll round the stalls, gossip with their friends and the stall holders and even to buy something! Most of the stalls are outside but there is also an indoor market which is held in the basement of the Town Hall. Our WI have a country stall in the indoor market and the products such as jams,chutneys,cakes and biscuits are all made by some of our members. It's always pleasant to walk round the market, where you can buy a variety of goods, ranging from clothes,fresh fruit and vegetables, meat, various household products cosmetics and fancy goods. The photos I have published were all taken round the market apart from 2 which I took of one of my favourite shops in Neston.The two of the shop show a container of children's brightly coloured balls and plastic boxes standing outside the shop.The shop is run by a very pleasant young man and inside is a veritable cornucopia of goods,ranging from foodstuffs to household products. As I'm sure you can imagine, Neston ,which is usually a quiet little place becomes a bustling little village every Friday and long may it continue.


ellen b said...

What a beautiful sky! Have a wonderful weekend.

Tommy V said...

great colors

Anonymous said...

Beautiful sky shot. The sky color is so intense!