Saturday, June 7, 2008

I have decided to discard the photo I had on here of the sunset. This is because I found that the majority of the comments I received were on this photo. While it was very nice to receive the compliments, I would have appreciated some feedback on the actual articles I have written!


For The People said...

That is the way it is on Friday! It helps get more traffic but people don't read as deeply! Thanks for stopping by my place. Hope you are having a great weekend!

For The People said...

I also have an article that is titled Cypress Swamp. Most comments were on the photos.

Isadora said...

Not sure if it is Fridays or time in general. While it is easy to look at a photo and describe the emotional impact - reading articles is trying. If you visit blogs by the dozen - well, most of us have jobs and chores and simply can't spend all day on blogs (as nice as that may be) to get into the heads of the writers to fully appreciate, then comment.

I hope you understand and not take it personally. Put the photo back and allow people to enjoy what they may.

Texas Travelers said...

Most people think that a complement on your photography is the highest honor. Personally, I like the history and information behind the photo and associated facts. I agree with Isadora, put the photo back.

Thanks for the visit,
Have a great weekend,
and come visit anytime,
Troy and Martha