Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Eureka Cyclist's Cafe Ok, I can hear you all saying,"What on earth is the Eureka? Well, if you live anywhere in the north west of England and are a cyclist, you quite likely will have heard of it. To us cyclists who live near it,(lucky so and so's that we are) it's a meeting place, a social centre and almost a rescue centre.A few years ago, it was up for sale and terrible rumours started flying round that it would close! A pall of gloom hung over the local cycling world! What, no Eureka!! How would we manage? where would we meet? where would we stagger back to after a hard ride,gasping for a cuppa and a wodge of sticky fruit cake? Then the news went round that it had been sold and would still be a cyclist's cafe. The sun came out and local cyclists smiled again!

Recently, the CTC(Cyclists Touring Club) awarded a Certificate of Commendation to the Eureka in recognition of it's services to the cycling world.I took these photos at the presentation.


Gledwood said...

All those cycles and bright yellow clothes... anyone would think for a moment you were Dutch!

I'm well into cycles and cycle lanes. In fact when I'm (finally) local MP around here installing cycle lanes is the most important thing I shall do!!

Andrea said...

That is an interesting post. The menu looks good too.

Thanks for visiting my blog.

RUTH said...

I'd enjoy cycling in Summer but not on these cold frost day. I guess I'd be classed as a fairweather cycler :o)