Friday, November 16, 2007

Shameless Self Promotion

Right,folks, here goes with a bit of shameless self promotion! I've started another blog. It's called Friday Skywatch. I should mention that the idea came originally from Ruthjen who told me about Dot's blog,Strolling through Georgia. Ruth suggested that I should contact Dot and ask to be put on her Friday Skywatch blog roll. I did and Dot very kindly added me.Now, I've been trying to add a link to my main blog but every time I put the web site address in, it comes up with the Page Not Found thingy, probably me making a pigs ear of it! So, I thought I would just advertise it this way. For anyone who wants to look at it,just click on my profile and that should bring up my two blogs, shouldn't it?? Hope so anyway, oh dear , a bloggers life can be so complicated! It's fun though. I've just tried it and it does work so go for it, folks!

1 comment:

RUTH said...

As Dot said on your Sky Watch can just post your skywatch photo each Friday on this blog. Glad you decided to join :o)